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Scary Demona

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  • scary_demona@livejournal.com
If you're wondering at all about my screen name, I'd be happy to fill you in! Demona is a character from Gargoyles, right? So why not just Demona? It would have been, but unfortunately that screen name was already taken. Besides, the word "scary" perfectly sums up this character's personality! (the phsychotic gargoyle woman, not me!) Alrighty then! Now you know!
Leave me a message with an add request if you somehow find me interesting enough to visit, seeing as this journal is friends only and all! ^_^ I will update at random, and you don't even need to make a daily stop here, but make sure to comment now and then because it's always fun to see action around here! No flame messages though, or you're on the shit list! Anyway, have a nice day and if you want to know anything more about me read the following information below, otherwise the rest of that can be found in the content of my LJ!
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Name: Ask for it. It's not public information.
DOB: 6-20-85
Sex: With who? I mean, female! 0_o
Appearance: Visit this link
Location: A Hell hole in West MI
Vice: Fangirlism (fandom subject to change without notice)
Temptation: I love to shop! Oh no!
Hobbies: Art and the internet. Enough said.
Trivia: Read my journal and you may find some.